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by Mark Edgemon

During a phone conversation with actor and director Jim Meskimen , he mentioned a project he wanted to produce if I had the time and inclination. Jim has been a great friend over the years and I look forward to the times we collaborate on creative projects. I said, "Sure" without needing to know what it was.

Jim proceeded to tell me he had written a story for his daughter Taylor while on a plane trip home some seven years previous. He returned to Los Angeles and arranged a recording session, which by happenstance was during an actor's strike, which left a recording studio available. The children's story he penned on the plane was on it's way to becoming an exciting audio story production, complete with top voice talent including actress Marion Ross from Happy Days fame (she is his mother).

He and his wife Tamra (a gifted voice actress in her own right), along with friend Tait Ruppert and his mother's close friend Paul Michael, was lead in the cast by his daughter Taylor Meskimen, who played the lead as Splinter.

Once the studio recording was finished, Jim asked me some years later to produce the project.

After retrieving the raw voice recording from an upload to a server service, I began the process by selecting the best dialogue performances from multiple do overs. This was done without a script. I had about a month to finish it, because I wanted to surprise him with a finished cd of the audio production complete with cd artwork by his birthday.

Once the outtakes had been removed, I repaired the minor glitches that found it's way into the recording. During the post editing, I changed the inflection of some of the actor's delivery by removing and or adding space in between words and phrases, which added impact to the performances. I used sound effects from my library, found some others through sound effects services and created the rest.

With the deadline looming, I "borrowed" some beautiful excerpts from Rachel Portman's music from the movie, "Chocolat".

I finished two pieces of artwork which I used for the front and back cd covers and then added some graphic design listing the title, credits and tracks to complete the cd package..

You can hear and download the audio story "The Witch Princess" in the audio fiction section.


Motivating someone to rise to a challenge isn't easy, unless they already have a strong desire to succeed and to find out for themselves what they can do with the gifts they have been given. It is not easy, but it is worthwhile, especially when you see someone reach far beyond what those in society are individually able to do. That's the thing about gifts, they're special and should be labored to perfection. Bringing one's talent to the highest level is the greatest motivation for others. Creative fulfillment breeds encouragement, something we all need day to day.

Creator and the Catalyst will be hosting writing events in our forum for writers around the world in various genres. The events will take place under the heading, "Writing Events" and everyone can participate.

This is a great way to hone writing skills, enjoy the camaraderie in the forum and have a great time. There will also be prizes when listed in the event set up.



Art Masterpiece Inspires Literary Work Which In Turn Inspires Audio Story Production

I stared at the image for a long time before conceiving the plot and direction for the story. Rewriting history, I recounted the years before Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne of England when her uncle, the Prince of Wales was king. He was a young man and it was unlikely that she being third in line would ever take the throne. However as fate would have it, her uncle fell in love and married a divorced socialite, forbidden in British law. He eventually abdicated his throne for the woman he loved putting Elizabeth second in line to power. When her father died, she passed from the title of princess to queen and assumed power as the Queen of England.

In the picture above, actress and art patron Anne Archer stands with artist and actor Jim Meskimen to the right of his masterpiece "Wind in Iraq" which sold for a high dollar amount at a gallery in New York.

It all started with a dare...a challenge! I bet Jim I could write a convincing story based around any art piece he cared to send me and all in a twenty four hour time limit. It wasn't long before he sent his submission for the challenge, the most unusual painting I had ever seen. It was beautiful and captivating, but outside the normal concepts usually considered for art subjects. The painting was off his daughter sitting on a bed in a white gown holding a strange sort of mask in front of her face. Odd, but captivating.




In this story, now in her eighties, she wandered passed her bedroom door late one evening and saw a young girl standing at the foot of her bed staring at a portrait hanging on the wall above the fireplace. Upon entering the room, the girl seemed familiar although they had never met before and the two began a revealing conversation that leads the queen to believe this girl was an apparition, a spiritual visitation from her younger self.

When Jim read the story, he responded positively in a return e-mail, and proceeded to record a voice performance of the story. I in turn produced and scored the production with effects and music.

Jim is a multi-talented gentlemen, who is not only a visual artist in several mediums including charcoal, oil painting, sketches and digital art, but a top flight voice artist as well as an actor, writer and director.

You can listen and download this audio story titled, "The Party Favor" in the audio fiction section of this site.

Vincent Price Is Still Around Inside Voice Actor Piotr Walczuk

needed the great one to come back from the great beyond to perform a poem I had written about the last surviving Grimm brother, but there is never a medium around when you need one.

Fortunately, I had recently met a young voice artist, who had a remarkable gift for mimicry and who sounded more like Vincent than Vincent did. His name is Piotr Walczuk.

He was sensational with each of his dead on celebrity impressions, an impressive talent to say the least. He created the perfect tone for this piece. When set to music, Piotr's performance captured the very essence of his soul. It was "Priceless"!

You can listen and download the Vincent Priceless audio poem, "Grimm Reality" in the audio poetry section.

You will also find more of Piotr's voice work in the audio fiction and audio comedy sections on this site.

Much like when Tim Burton wrote a short poem titled, "Vincent" about the great Vincent Price, then got the one and only to perform it for a short animated film production, I also



J. W. Henson: Adventurer/Journalist



The Voice Behind Commercials and Commercial Parodies


Creator and the Catalyst

Site News

Call Sheet for Thursday Sept. 18, 1980

Lights That Never Went Out In Georgia

There are many experiences that help train and perfect an actor/performer's skill and viability, but there are a precious few times in someone's career that become a part of them for the rest of their lives.

One such experience for me was back in 1981 on the set of the motion picture, "The Nights the Lights Went Out in Georgia". I worked as a stand in with Mark Hamill who was in between his second and third Star Wars film as well as

Mark Edgemon and Mark Hamill

Jerry Rushing and Jerry Campbell

Director Ron Maxwell with Mark Hamill and Kristy McNichol

Jerry Rushing and Mark Edgemon

to be up in just a few hours for the next day filming. After a knife fight scene outside of the bar where we shot with actors Jerry Rushing and Jerry Campbell, I was pulled into it as photos were be snapped, which left these lasting memories. Another veteran character actor, Arlen Dean Snyder who played the bar owner stopped for a photo, who was later seen that year in an episode of "M.A.S.H. as an intoxicated sergeant who punches

Mark Edgemon and Sunny Johnson

Arlen Dean Snyder and Mark Edgemon

other notable actors Kristy McNichol, Dennis Quaid, Sunny Johnson and Don Stroud. It was my first time on a movie production and I remember feeling at home in the hustle of film schedules and chumming around with cast and crew. I had lunch with Mark Hamill each day on the set and we talked about Star Wars and the rigorous demands of an actor's life.

During late night shoots, I got to know Sunny Johnson who hadn't made her mark yet as an actress, but would in her next film, "Flashdance" playing the supporting lead of Jennifer Beals character's best friend. She was bright, curious and beautiful. I enjoyed those times especially. I lost touch with her the year following the film's debut and regrettably heard a few years later that she died of a brain tumor, which was heart breaking. She was special.

The cast and crew would often horse around in between takes and I eventually got pulled into it. After all, it was one in the morning and we had

Oscar Nominated, Emmy Award Winning Special Effects Make Up Artist, Ed French is also a Top Notch Voice Actor

Marion Ross (Happy Days) Narrates "The Witch Princess"

Writing Events at Creator and the Catalyst

 Major Charles Winchester in the mouth, prompting him to learn self defense techniques."

The sheriff in the movie played by Wayne Sharpnack was an actor who knew what he was doing when it came to character development with very little preparation.

It was this experience more than any other that caused me to realize the love I had for production. I will never forget it or the people that shaped my life.

Wayne Sharpnack and Mark Edgemon

Rod Serling Is Back and Goode To Go


D. C. Goode

Dead on describes in more ways than one D. C. Goode's celebrity voice impression of Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone. Knowing of his ability to capture not only the Sci Fi media mogul's voice, but also his essence, I wrote D. C. some time back and asked if he'd be willing to help create a new Twilight Zone episode (audio version only). He agreed and was enthusiastic for the challenge as I was to write a script in the Twilight Zone style. Artist Jim Meskimen offered up his talents as well and created a haunting digital art piece, which became not only the center piece for the poster art, but the inspiration for the story, seeing he provided the art before the story was written.

Dennis has been working full time in VO since the

Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone

Artwork Used For Poster Design by Jim Meskimen


80's as a variety artist in Southern California for such notables as the Righteous Brothers and Disney. His commercials, narrations and various other projects have totaled in the thousands.

Some of his recent clients include, Netflix, US Cellular, Narration of the New testament (Old King James version), and has appeared in films and TV shows such as “Pursuit of Happyness”, The Mentalist (CBS), Trauma (NBC) and in the Anime series "The Chiang Mai Rascals" where he played over a dozen different characters. His most recent audio book narration, “God’s Debris” by Scott Adams who was the creator of the Dilbert comic strip.

In addition to his voice acting and voice over work, he specializes as a ADR, IT and multi-technology-systems integrator/technician, an audio engineer and as a director and producer.

I have grown to depend on D. C. Goode through the years for being able to conjure whatever voice is needed with an awesome depth and vibrancy.

The new "Twilight Zone" audio movie is titled "The Remembrance" and can be heard and downloaded in the audio fiction section. While you are there, peruse other D. C. Goode entertainment with, "The Deiform Sovereign Mind of Meaglia Vox" and "My Brief Affair With Marilyn Monroe".

injustice that a free person should not have to endure. But the female character who was telling the story, had a life changing experience when she encountered a minister, who although white himself, seemed to have the hand of God on his shoulder.

Sabrina was pleased to record it, but warned me she had not used her voice in this way before. I knew there would be some do overs and excepted that as a reality. There was not even one. She nailed it in her first try. It was simply amazing! There was a lot of editing popping sounds and breath support noise, but that was to be expected from a first timer. But her performance was professional and brought out the emotion of a woman who had been redeemed from a broken spirit and who had the weight of prejudice lifted off of her shoulders, which personified a spiritual healing we all need often in our lives.

Once again, it was Jim Meskimen to the rescue with an art piece that became the signature inspiration for the script and captured as usual, the heart of what the story was about. Coincidentally, the image of the bruised and battered "savior type" hero in the artwork, happens to be the image of Jim himself.

You can listen and download "Saint Jim" in the audio fiction section as well as read and listen to Sabrina Cummings poems in the poetry section.
You can also view Jim Meskimen's artwork in the visual art section on this site.

Sabrina M. Cummings has many talents; professional vocalist, poet and now voice narrator. When I first contacted her to narrate the audio story "Saint Jim", I explained that this was a sensitive story with racial undertones set in the mid west during the 1950's. I told her I needed a warmth from the performance of a middle aged black woman, who lived in a predominately white town, who had been beaten down by accepting

Professional Singer Brings Depth To First Time Voice Narration

by J. W. Henson

I was born on a rainy night on November 30, 1930 in a small isolated farming community. The great worldwide depression was heating up. My father died when I was six months old leaving mother and me to face the world alone. She never remarried, but was industrious, thrifty and God-fearing so that life was comfortable enough for us. Through necessity, I learned the ways of hard work on the farm at a very young age.

I began high school on an accelerated schedule of study and hard work. I worked nights and weekends at a local printing establishment forty hours a week, to pay my expenses. I continued this schedule through college, graduating in 1954 with a BA degree in Chemistry.

I married on June 3, 1951 and have had happy years together with many more to come. Three children came to bless our home. Brenda, our oldest, was a manager with the Nabisco Baking Company in California. John IV is Director of Neurology at the Swedish Institute in Seattle, Washington. Shandelle, our youngest, is Professor of Mathematics, with a PhD, at the Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Sadly, none of them chose to remain near their parents.

I taught High School Chemistry, and Math in a country High School in Missouri in the mid 1950s. It did not take long for me to realize that teaching was not for me, so I returned to the rumble and roar of the printing pressroom. I had started Printing in 1947 as a janitor and retired in 1992 as President of the company.

My wife and I have crossed the ocean 38 times, most of which were to visit her cousins in Germany. We have traveled South America. I have crossed the Russian wasteland on the Trans-Siberian railroad. We have made trips to Africa and have developed a love and respect for all cultures.

Story telling was always very important to our family. We spent long winter nights before the hearth of a fireplace, and the glow of a kerosene lamp, reading and telling stories. I grew to believe that there was an important story in the life of every human being and that it was my task to unravel it from the happenings of the day. Mother and I began keeping a diary in the early 1940s, and I have perhaps the best-documented personal history of any one I know. I have encouraged many friends to start diary keeping. It gives one a continuity to their life that nothing else can.

His adventures spanning decades include titles such as, "A Night In Frankfurt: Fear Comes With the Night", "Crossing the Red Zone", "The Mark of Cain", "The Gray Veil" and "A Pilgrimage To Walden’s Pond".

World Class Poets From Around the World


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Site Director - Mark Edgemon
Poetry Editor - Marla Deaton

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Gifted poets are rare, especially in these times when movies, television and video games take center stage. And yet we are fortunate to have several greats who are published frequently on this site. A great poet says so much in unobvious ways whether through allegories, symbolism, metaphors, similes and or by using examples of truth either from within themselves or through others.

Every poet has their own style so choosing a poem to read depends on one's personality and interests. So whether you peruse through the poetry of Helen J. Dixon, Marla J. Deaton, Sabrina M. Cummings, Mark Edgemon, Andrew Pell, Richard Tornello or others, you are bound to find words that you can identify and connect with.

Helen J. Dixon is a fiery poet using raw emotion to convey her mood along with her message. Her poetry is full of depth and soul and stirs the spirit of her audience with her honest assessment of her own heart and the truth found inside. Helen is a prominent New York attorney who legally cares for many neglected children through the New York State Child Care Services.

Marla J. Deaton is a Southern poet who personifies grace and quiet wisdom in her ponderings of the human condition. She searches truth and declares it with simplicity, personalizing it so she and her audience can understand what is often explained in life through broad, general terms. Marla is the poetry editor for the Creator and the Catalyst site.

Sabrina M. Cummings has a spiritual revival type style that sees the wonder in life through one's relationships and the daily path we all most walk. Warmth and love are trade marks of her writing and her naturally gifted speaking voice. Sabrina is a professional singer residing in Texas.

Andrew Pell is a Christian poet from Sidney, Australia who has written and published hundreds of poems from his perspective of the spiritual journey of man. He is a composer of music and often plays in numerous churches throughout Sidney.

You can read and listen to poetry by these great poets from the poetry section of this site.

Thomas Bromhead

Celebrity Impressionist Thomas Bromhead Lends Sean Connery's Voice to Medieval Tale

The voice behind many of today's radio and television spots is veteran voice talent Matt Baker. A few years ago, he joined the Creator and the Catalyst team and lent his voice to many audio stories and commercial parodies.

Check out "The Way-mart Promise" in the audio comedy section on this site.

I met Thomas through a mutual friend Piotr Walczuk another remarkable voice talent also living in Los Angeles. I have found Thomas to be a quick study, able to follow direction and record in a heartbeat with consistent quality and style. After reviewing his celebrity voice list I asked if he could do Sean Connery for the Medieval story, "The Forger and the Flame" a short tale about loyalty and redemption. He said yes, but I was amazed at his recorded performance. He chose an older Sean Connery voice performance and leaned into more of a Scottish Brogue which brought depth and believability to the finished recorded production.

Master Impressionist: Jim Meskimen

I look forward to working with this talented voice actor in the future.

Tom Bromhead is a multi award winning voice artist. He won a 2008 Emmy for “I Got a Rocket” which was also nominated for an AFI award.

He has lived in England and Australia and now resides in Los Angeles. He is a unique international voice artist performing multiple accents and dialects to make each voice sound uniquely different.

Thomas was trained in drama at Richmond Drama School in London and in improvisation at Second City in LA.

You can listen and download, "The Forger and the Flame" as well as other stories performed by Thomas Bromhead such as his multi-celebrity voice performance of "American Enginuity" and as Dr. Evil in the comic horror story, "Unhinged" in the audio fiction section on this site.
By Phil Proctor

"Jim is 'Meskerising' in his multiple-personality, one-man show deftly directed by Tait Ruppert. Famous stars past and present crowd the stage magically conjured by the   

silly, singular Meskimen, a vocal magician who pulls characters out of his head -- and even more amazing, like Penn & Teller, Jim shows us how he does it.

Is there no end to his wizardry? No! Act Two introduces his charming British "altered ego", Professor Knestor Jackdaws, for a terrific and different topper of inspired artistic improvisation.

Go see Jimpressions, you may see yourself..."






Visual Art


A Time for Creativity

Non Fiction

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The image above is actor Tony Shalhoub (left) from the series "Monk", actor Ray Porter (center) as series character Dale the Whale and Ed French (right), virtuoso make up artist.

Ed French is an Oscar nominated, Emmy Award-winning makeup effects artist. He counts LeVar Burton, John de Lancie, Iman, Christopher Plummer and William Shatner among his star clients.

Ed has created many great characters for notable actors over the last several decades and is continuing to move into even greater areas of achievement in movies and television.

What people may not know about Ed is he is a gifted voice talent, providing narration and voice work to many audio productions.

He was makeup artist on Star Trek: The Next Generation from 1989 through 1993 and received an Emmy Award nomination for his work on the episode "Identity Crisis". He also worked as special makeup effects artist and special alien makeup creator on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, earning a Best Makeup Oscar nomination from the Academy Awards. In 1999, he provided alien prosthetic applications for Star Trek: Voyager.

Edward French won his first Emmy Award for his work on Alien Nation, a series which starred Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint, and Michele Scarabelli. He has received Emmy Award nominations for his work on Space Rangers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His most recent Emmy nomination in 2007 for the prosthetic makeup used in an episode of House which resulted in his second win.

Other films in which Edward French's make-up effects can be seen includes Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Batman Returns, True Lies, Eraser, Batman & Robin, Armageddon, Being John Malkovich, Blade and White Chicks. His television credits also include Tales from the Darkside, Sliders, The X-Files, Charmed, Monk, and NCIS.

Images of Ed French's make up expertise can be viewed in a gallery within the visual art section.

You can e-mail us by clicking "Contact Us".


Site News

Louisville Slugger Writes Hits

out and pulls the reader into her stories.

Michele holds a bachelor of science in education and minors in art, sociology and theology. Her educational background is woven into the fabric of her story writing giving the reader a smooth ride through her imaginative adventures.

Michele started out as a short story writer by entering into online competitions and wowing her publishers with her ability to  create worlds and move situations by mere words alone. Later, she expanded several of her short stories adding depth and richness to the plot and character development, eventually turning them into novels.

In her first success, "Heaven's Door" Michele explores the world of nanotechnology.

Compelling Sci Fi writer Michele Dutcher has been cranking out hits, captivating audiences with can't miss storylines for years. Residing in a carriage house in a Victorian area of Louisville, KY., she is a keen observer of human traits from people in different walks of life and translates them into robust characters that reaches


Robin Lipinski: Painter of Poetry

You can e-mail us by clicking "Contact Us".

each of us harbors, and about how we can all open up and, indeed, "free our minds."

Along the way, Lipinski offers six "exercises" he feels readers can use to free up their thinking and thereby "open themselves up." One of these involves eating foods, for a week, that "you have never tried before," not just food you "currently love."

"My purpose," writes the author, "is not to disturb you or shock you or convert you. It is to have you open your mind."

Must reading for anyone searching for positive change

"Fancy words are like taking an old, worn-out tennis shoe, putting it in a cardboard box, and wrapping it with bright, shiny, colorful paper," says Robin B. Lipinski in the Preface of his intriguing new book, Signs of a Free Mind. His story is not about fancy words but of simplicity. It is about the closed mind
Creator and the Catalyst is a website that encourages people's talent and creativity. Our purpose is to develop collaborative projects that draw people's involvement. In that way, we produce works that could otherwise never become a reality. The promotion of writers, musicians, actors, artists and those with many other forms of talent, can introduce creative people to a wider audience, from their peers to the general public.

We accept creative works for publication including fiction, non fiction, poetry, art, music and more. Submissions can be sent through our e-mail, which can be accessed by clicking "contact us". Contact information can be published along with each person's work. All submitted material remains the rights of the creator/owner and we only reserve the right to publish it on our site.

 Join us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Eugene S. Strout is a pathologist, who draws from their rich background in medicine to create characters of great depth and spine tingling plots that draw their audience into their stories.

Eugene was born in Minneapolis MN. in 1930 and spent his early years in rural Minnesota town. At 17, he joined the Navy where he served 10 years as a Hospital Corpsman for two Navy Hospitals as well as on board two aircraft carriers and a ship of research.

He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1964. He completed his Pathology residency in San Diego in 1972 and retiring from the Navy in 1974. He served as a pathologist at a civilian hospital and on the faculty of the U C Irvine Medical Center until retiring in November of 2009.

He took a writing course, beginning in 1995 and presently submits science fiction to publishers.

E. S. Strout MD Physician, Writer